British Sign Language (BSL) – Level 6

£1656 Including Assessment Fee

Course Information and Modules

18th April
14:00 - 16:00
30 Weeks

LO1 – Use receptive and productive skills to engage in all types of complex social interaction

LO2 – Use and understand complex language, and maintain fluency, grammatical accuracy and coherence in sustained contributions containing complex language

LO3 – Understand sustained signed discourse containing complex language

LO4 – Use reference sources to confirm or clarify the meaning of signs

Our British Sign Language – Level 6 qualification aims to further the learning needs of those who have already acquired competence at Level 4 in order to communicate with Deaf people at an extended level.

We are a Signature approved centre, meaning all qualifications are regulated by Ofqual and ensure the quality of learning demonstrated will meet the requirements of the UK Occupational Language Standards for each level.

Lisa Birtles