Corporate Partnerships

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Case Studies

We have worked with some wonderful organisations, supporting them to integrate their services and technologies into the world of D/deaf and sign language users.


Bringing AI technology to D/deaf and sign language users


Providing a sign language pop-up over films and TV shows on Disney+ and Netflix

We are delighted to be partnering with Deafness Support Network (DSN) for the launch of SignUp UK, providing British Sign Language (BSL) captioning on Disney+ movies. DSN approached SignUp and have been instrumental in our launch in the UK, the first country outside the United States where we have offered our service. DSN has provided a wonderful introduction to the Deaf community in the UK and has recruited an impressive group of BSL interpreters to work on movies for us. We are excited about what SignUp UK will become and very grateful to DSN for their support and enthusiasm.

Mariella Satow – Founder and CEO of SignUp Captions, Inc.

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