Level 6 Diploma Interpreting and Translation (RQF)

£5575 Including Assessment Fee

Course Information and Modules

7th March 2024
Thursday Evenings (7:00pm - 9:30pm) & Fridays (9:00am - 5:00pm)
Warrington Deaf Centre, Warrington

(Part 1) - 1. Analyse and evaluate key theories and principles in interpreting and translation

(Part 1) - 2. Maintain skills and systems for interpreting and translation tasks

(Part 1) - 3. Prepare for interpreting and translation assignments

(Part 1) - 4. Plan and implement continuous professional development

(Part 2) - 1. Carry out interpreting tasks as a professional interpreter

(Part 2) - 2. Work as part of a team of professional interpreters and translators

(Part 2) - 3. Use technology effectively to perform remote interpreting assignments

(Part 2) - 4. Carry out translation tasks as a professional translator

(Part 2) - 5. Evaluate performance as a professional interpreter or translator

This qualification aims to provide aspiring signed language interpreters and translators with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills for a career in the signed language interpreting and translation profession.

Part 1 – Theories and principles in interpreting and translation Part 1 covers the underpinning theories and principles of interpreting and translation. It is mandatory for all candidates.

Part 1 Cost: £2700

You must successfully complete Part 1 before moving on to Part 2.

Part 2 – Undertake professional interpreting and translation assignments Part 2 covers the practical skills required for professional interpreting and translating.

Part 1 Cost: £2875